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An ecosystem to digitize customer relationships, smart data and the Internet-of-Things

Data and information provide competitive advantages. Willendorff invests in smart data technologies.

Location Based Advertising

Location Based Advertising (LBA) enables the implementation of innovative and efficient mobile marketing concepts. The consideration of current location and time facilitates the delivery of pinpoint mobile marketing campaigns in a relevant context.

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Smart-City, Smart-Retail

Innovative smart retail and smart city solutions are not only used to increase efficiency, but find increasing effectiveness as a strategic means of creating competitive advantages. The solutions allow the real and the virtual world to grow closer together.

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Retail analytics solutions help retailers gain insights that facilitate strategic and customer-oriented decisions. These solutions are an essential part of the digitalization of stationary commerce.

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Multi-Channel Loyalty

Innovative customer loyalty solutions create a lasting relationship between the retailer and his customers. Success factors are the fast rollout of the solution and the integration of all channels.

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Proximity services enable direct contact with customers via their smartphones. The “real” world is linked to the digital world and innovative possibilities for the interaction and development of novel, customer-centric apps emerge.

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Digital Receipts

The digital receipt creates a customer-oriented shopping experience and enables the merchants to easily establish contact with their customers.

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Data and information provide competitive advantages. Willendorff invests in smart data technologies.

Many industries, such as the trade sector, are experiencing an unprecedented upheaval. The advance of digitization and eCommerce has a lasting effect on the purchasing behavior of customers. New business models and digital platforms with enormous growth potentials are emerging. We support founders who want to drive forward digitization and address how individual industries will face the challenges of digitization. Here you will find a selection of the companies we support.

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